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"Where You End is haunting, suspenseful and beautifully written—a modern-day gothic that explores the peculiar bond between twin sisters and the twisted power of cults; the mysteries of memory and the ineluctable pull of the past. It unnerves and beguiles in ways reminiscent of Donna Tartt’s The Secret History and David Lynch’s "Twin Peaks"—but it’s a true original."

Staff writer for The New Yorker

Coming January 16, 2024

Where You End Book Cover
Abbott Kahler author headshot

About Abbott

Or you may know me as Karen Abbott

Abbott Kahler (formerly Karen Abbott) is the author of four New York Times bestselling works of narrative nonfiction. Her books explore scandalous chapters and characters in history: enterprising madams and a world-famous brothel; a literary burlesque queen; daring women Civil War spies; and a flamboyant bootlegger who inspired Jay Gatsby. Then Came the Devil, forthcoming in 2024, tells the stranger-than-fiction (but all true!) story of a 1930s Utopian community in the Galapagos. Her debut novel, Where You End, a twisted tale of identical twins, will be out January 16, 2024.

Prose so rich and evocative, you feel you’re living the story.

Author of The Splendid and the Vile

Book cover of The Ghosts of Eden Park with a silhouetted woman in front of a lit open door


The Ghosts of Eden Park

"An exhaustively researched, hugely entertaining work of popular history that…exhumes a colorful crew of once-celebrated characters and restores them to full-blooded life… [Abbott’s] métier is narrative nonfiction and—as this vibrant, enormously readable book makes clear—she is one of the masters of the art.”

— Wall Street Journal

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