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Cast of Characters

The Madams

The Ministers

Photograph of a group of people listening to a man preach outside the Everleigh Club

IN THE CENTER OF THE INFERNO The Reverend Ernest Bell prayed nightly outside the Everleigh Club. "I wish I had you in a closet," one Levee thug told him, "where I could murder you."

Ernest Bell

A reverend who opened his “Midnight Mission” in 1904, he preached against segregated vice districts and held nightly open-air sermons outside the Everleigh Club.

Dean Sumner

Head of the flock at the Episcopal Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul and chairman of the Chicago Vice Commission.

Melbourne Boynton 

The pastor of the Lexington Avenue Baptist Church and one of Bell’s main “saints” helped to escalate the war against the Levee district.

The Everleigh Club

The Lords of Levee

The Politicians

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